Special Initiatives

UNC proactively creates special programs to address challenges and meet the changing needs of the people of North Carolina. Below is a list of initiatives supported and sponsored by UNC.

Strategic Planning

Our Time, Our Future: Strategic Directions 2013-18

A new five-year plan developed with input from the UNC Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions, consisting of business, education, and government leaders from across the state, as well as selected Board members, UNC chancellors, and faculty, staff, and student leadership; and a Strategic Directions Committee, chaired by a member of the Board of Governors and including selected General Administration staff and UNC chancellors. 
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Strategic Plan Progress Reports

Strategic Directions Plan Dashboard Report (October 2013)
Strategic Directions Plan Dashboard Report (January 2014)

UNC Tomorrow

UNC Tomorrow's primary focus was to ensure that the UNC System remained responsive and relevant to the state’s interests by identifying and evaluating the state’s present and projected needs. A final report served as a roadmap for the creation of policy and for the designation of resources for the system. Further, it strengthened the bond between the University and the community.
UNC Tomorrow Final Report

Transparency and Accountability

UNC Data Dashboard

An interactive, online database that gives students, parents, policymakers and taxpayers expanded access to detailed system data on selected core measures. This new tool reflects UNC’s commitment to increase transparency, better track and measure our productivity, efficiency, and impact; and demonstrate greater accountability to the people of North Carolina.  

President's Advisory Committee on Efficiency and Effectiveness (PACE)

Established by Eskine Bowles during his service as UNC president, PACE was developed to examine administrative costs, rework processes and leverage system strengths to assure the legislature and taxpayers that the significant resources already dedicated to the University would be utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.
PACE Final Report 

Campus Safety and Security 

Athletics and Academics

UNC Task Force on Athletics and Academics

Evaluates the current status of academic support services and issues of academic integrity across the UNC system. 
2011 | 2010 | 2009

UNC Intercollegiate Athletics Report 

Academic profile of freshmen student-athletes, majors of student-athletes, various academic success indicators, campuses with programs receiving awards or sanctions due to their academic performance, and information regarding non-academic violations of NCAA bylaws. 

Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED)

WIRED was developed to integrate state, local, and federal entities, academics (K through higher education), foundations, businesses and industries to address challenges in building a globally competitive workforce.

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