NC State Approving Agency

The North Carolina State Approving Agency (NCSAA) for Veterans and Military Education is an independent state agency funded by federal contract. NC SAA is affiliated with the University of North Carolina, and UNC General Administration (UNC-GA)  acts as its trustee.  NCSAA was established by statute in 1947 to approve educational programs and determine which of those programs were appropriate for veterans to enroll in and utilize their VA educational benefits. The Agency now approves courses and programs at over 300 institutions, supervises institutions for compliance with federal and state guidelines and ensures that the interests of the state are preserved. 

NC SAA Mission

To provide quality instruction, appropriate administration, and fair and equitable practices for every veteran (and every eligible person) who enters a NC SAA approved educational program.


  • Approve educational courses and programs to be pursued by veterans and eligible persons
  • Supervise educational institutions for compliance with federal and state guidelines
  • Ensure the interests and prerogatives of the state are preserved in both processes


  • Evaluate educational programs for approval
  • Provide written evaluations and approvals to DVA and the institutions

Inspections and Supervisions

  • Visit and inspect each active educational institution annually
  • Confirm compliance for approved courses and programs

Reports and Records

  • Provide written reports to DVA (Approval-Visit-Compliance reports, others as requested)
  • Maintain records and files for the state of North Carolina

Administration, Outreach and Liaison

  • Provide administrative support for the NC SAA, UNC-GA, the state, and DVA
  • Provide Outreach and Liaison within the state and nationally

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