15 NC State architecture students in Design + Build Studio

In this outdoor classroom, everyone gets a hard hat. There are no desks, no computers, no homework, no exams and no way you could call this summer course easy.

For the 15 NC State architecture students in Design + Build Studio, their group project doesn’t get more real-world than this. By the end of July, these students will have designed and built a campus building with their own hands.

“This is the ultimate hands-on learning,” says student Jacob Fremderman, a rising senior.

The project is also the ultimate boost to offering more campus-grown food in campus dining halls. NC State’s Agroecology Education Farm off Lake Wheeler Road has grown produce for NC State Dining for several years, but in order to maximize harvests, the farm needed a facility where produce could be washed and refrigerated until transport to dining halls.

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Originally published July 27, 2017. Written by Carla Davis.


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