UNC chapter of Habitat for Humanity

It takes a neighborhood

When the UNC chapter of Habitat for Humanity pledged to build 10 homes in the Northside community, co-chair Alex Mitchell knew that the Heels for Homes project meant lots of labor and long hours, but he was surprised to discover the power of people when they work together.

“This is such a big project that one person’s contribution pales in comparison to the power of what many people can achieve when they come together to get things done,” he said.

Throughout the fall, the project has mobilized a growing army of volunteers: student athletes, sororities and fraternities, undergraduates and graduate students, staff and faculty.

Thanks to their combined efforts, construction of five of the 10 homes began in the fall semester as planned. All five are nearing completion, with the first move-in celebration scheduled for three homes on Craig Street sometime in April.

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Original story by Gary Moss, University Gazette, published March 7, 2017.


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