Mission Health and UNC Asheville Enter Into Ambitious New Partnership That Promises Meaningful Benefits for Students, Mission Health Team Members, and the Asheville Community

Ronald A. Paulus, MD, Mission Health President and CEO and UNC Asheville Chancellor Mary K. Grant, PhD, announced today that the Asheville institutions they lead are entering into a new and ambitious partnership focused on health, wellness, education and engagement.  The announcement was made at a joint press conference this morning at UNC Asheville’s Sherrill Center, where Drs. Paulus and Grant were on hand to answer questions about the new projects that will stem from the expanded partnership, and to celebrate its culmination.

Both described the partnership as a natural outgrowth of the collaborative work of each institution.  The energies each invests in employee wellness, student health, and the health and vitality of the community-will be further leveraged through this partnership.

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