NC Farm School graduate James Payne of Franklin County tends chickens now and plans to add pasture-raised pigs with guidance from NC Farm School.

James Payne has had two successful and rewarding careers, and now, with the help of NC Farm School, he’s put together a solid business plan that will allow him to launch a third one. This time, he wants to be a farmer.

Payne, who lives in Franklin County, is one of 342 graduates of NC Farm School, a partnership of NC State University’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and NC State Extension. Started in 2012, the program is designed to help increase the number of sustainable and economically viable farms in North Carolina.

To make the program accessible to people in all parts of the state, the Farm Schools are moved around to different locations from year to year. For 2018, schools will be offered in Greenville and Lincolnton.

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Originally published October 13, 2017. Written by Dee Shore.


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