Operation Discovery

Operation Discovery

From diving on undersea battle fields to homeless veterans, military-related research is an expanding enterprise at East Carolina University.

And with more than $7 million in research funding from the Department of Defense since 2010—and more than that from other sources—administrators and faculty members see the field as a growth opportunity.

“Growing our defense relationship in terms of research is going to be very important,” says ECU Provost Ron Mitchelson, especially as the university aims at reaching $100 million in external research and contract funding.

Diving back in time

On July 15, 1942, the German U-boat U-576  fired its torpedoes at a convoy of ships off Cape Hatteras, sinking the freighter Bluefields and damaging two other vessels. Retaliation was swift, as another merchant ship in the convoy fired on the U-boat, and air support was called in, dropping depth charges and ultimately sinking the submarine.

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