Our Time, Our Future

The University of North Carolina is the nation’s oldest public university, and that proud history helps define our modern role. Today’s mission — to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society — remains true to the University’s founding ideals.

The UNC Compact with North Carolina: Strategic Directions 2013-2018 offers an ambitious plan to raise the percentage of North Carolinians with a college degree, strengthen the quality of our teaching, serve North Carolina through targeted research and engagement, operate efficiently, and ensure that our campuses remain affordable and financially secure for the next generation of students.

Higher education is undergoing immense change driven by a shifting workforce, new possibilities for online learning, and growth in nontraditional students. For more than 200 years, UNC has evolved to meet the needs of students and society, and the University will answer these new challenges with the same spirit of confidence and creativity.