students and faculty from the College of Nursing at East Carolina University

"A Rich Experience"

Sometimes leaving your comfort zone is the best way to grow. That’s one reason why students and faculty from the College of Nursing at East Carolina University have made annual treks to Nicaragua the past seven years.

Now the college’s partnership with a nursing school there has culminated in a published study about how both schools can grow their teaching methods to better fit the needs of their students and their communities.

For seven years, in collaboration with students and faculty from ECU’s Brody School of Medicine and a non-governmental organization – Project Health for León – representatives from the College of Nursing have worked to improve clinical care in Nicaragua while furthering their own education. Because Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, access to both educational tools and health care resources is limited there.

East Carolina’s involvement with Project Health for León originated nearly 20 years ago when Brody School of Medicine faculty members Dr. Jack Rose and Dr. Harry Adams began taking medical teams to León, Nicaragua, to offer specialized care and life-saving surgeries to people who otherwise would not have access to them.

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Originally posted March 21, 2017. Written by Natalie Sayewich.


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