Step Inside a Virtual UNC System Residence Hall

When it comes to envisioning yourself in your new university home, a picture really just doesn’t cut it. After all, this is the residence hall you’ll be living in for the next academic year of your life. You’ve got to be able to really see yourself there before you make any big decisions.

UNC Asheville has partnered with Better Than Unicorns, a local virtual reality studio, to create cutting-edge virtual reality tours of every residence hall on campus—including the ones that haven’t been finished yet.

It starts with downloading and opening the Gazal app, and then either donning a virtual reality (VR) headset or glasses—or just using your smart phone—and entering the virtual UNC Asheville.

“Let’s say you pick Governors Hall,” explained Better Than Unicorns founder and “Big Chief” Brett A McCall. “It’ll take you outside of Governors Hall, inside what’s called a photosphere. A photosphere is a 360 degrees, up down, left right, all the way around you, completely immersive image that you can look in all directions for what it looks like in that location.”

Using icons placed around the virtual environment, students can navigate their way around the residence hall.

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