Alumna Kalysha Clark, a first-generation college student, benefited from food and housing support programs during her time at NC State.

Of the thousands of students who pass through the Brickyard every day, it’s a sure bet that some of them are hungry — but not with the kind of hunger that comes from skimping on breakfast. A new survey reveals that some members of the Wolfpack are experiencing food insecurity: the lack of reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

The survey also found that some NC State students are experiencing bouts of homelessness while balancing jobs, classes, clubs and other activities.

To better understand the extent of food and housing insecurity on campus, a group of NC State faculty and staff, along with national experts and local community leaders, recently conducted a student survey and a review of support programs and services offered at NC State and on campuses across the country. 

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Originally posted March 15, 2018. Written by Mary Cole Pike.


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