Photo by Karlo Montegrico.

Studying abroad once was considered an extravagance few could afford. Students today see global engagement as a fundamental part of their education, and many at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have at least one study abroad experience on their transcript.

The College of Arts and Sciences’ robust Study Abroad Program offers more than 330 programs in 70 countries. By the time they graduate, nearly one-third of students in the College have completed an academic program abroad for credit, almost double the number who studied abroad in 2000.

That’s the year Bob Miles, the recently retired associate dean for study abroad and international exchanges, came to Carolina as the Study Abroad Office’s first full-time director.

In their infancy, study abroad programs were language-based. With Miles’ arrival came a shift from individual program offerings to a structure that allowed a comprehensive array of courses that aligned with the University’s academic objectives.

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Originally published February 14, 2018.


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