UNC Asheville Begins Construction on Student Residences and Renovations to Highsmith Union in Spring 2017

UNC Asheville will start construction on new student residences and renovations to Highsmith Union in spring 2017. The student residences will be the first apartment-style housing on campus and increase available on-campus housing by 294 beds or by 20 percent when the project is completed in summer 2018.

The new student housing option will be built next to Brown Hall between University Heights and W.T. Weaver Blvd. Concurrent construction will take place on the other side of Brown Hall with renovations to Highsmith Union and the addition of a multipurpose room that will connect to the catering kitchen in Brown Hall.

“These two projects are critical to the continued enhancement of the quality of student life on our campus.  Each project will play a key role in delivering the kind of transformative student experience that is a hallmark of UNC Asheville,” said UNC Asheville Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Bill Haggard.

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