"Bee-serchers" Postdoctoral researchers Kaira Wagoner and Esmaeil Amiri insert new frames into an experimental hive at UNCG's beeyard.

UNCG biology research abuzz


The UNCG Bee Station is located a few blocks to the east of campus and, at this moment, is buzzing with research.

UNCG Professor of Biology Olav Rueppell and his research team have just received a nearly $1 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to investigate honey bees’ natural defenses against their main pest, the Varroa mite, and how to activate them.

Varroa mites are tiny, amber-colored circular creatures that live on the bodies of the honey bees. They feed on the bees’ blood and amplify a colony’s level of infection from illnesses such as Deformed Wing Virus or Israeli Acute Paralysis.

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Originally published June 12, 2017. Story by Susan Kirby-Smith. Photography by Martin Kane. Videography by Katie Loyd.


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