Urban Mosquito Project

Urban Mosquito Project

As temperatures spike each spring, mosquitos start to swarm. They bring with them an increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases and a need to understand how to guard against these pesky – and at times –dangerous insects.

Researchers at UNC Charlotte and the Mecklenburg County Health Department are collaborating on a study to determine which factors in the environment lead to hotspots of mosquito activity – and they need help from the public.

“Our research is focused on understanding the types of features that mosquitoes are looking for when selecting where to breed in cities,” said Ari Whiteman, a UNC Charlotte student in the Geography and Urban Regional Analysis doctoral program. “This is one of the best ways to predict where mosquito-borne disease outbreaks are most likely to occur.”

Whiteman, who is founder and director of the Urban Mosquito Project, is seeking volunteers in the Charlotte area who will allow the research team to place mosquito traps on their property.

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