UNC Engagement Council

Following the May 2012 University of North Carolina (UNC) System Engagement Summit at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, UNC President Tom Ross commissioned two multi-campus task forces to develop concise sets of indicators, or metrics, that all UNC campuses could use to assess “progress in community engagement and economic development.”

As an outgrowth of this work, the UNC Engagement Council was established in 2014 as a system-wide effort to improve the quality of life and opportunities for citizens and communities throughout North Carolina through engaged teaching, learning, service and research opportunities in academic programs, educational outreach, sponsored research, and creative and cultural activities.

Representatives appointed by the chancellors of all 17 UNC  campuses serve on the council. The council works in parallel to the UNC Economic Transformation Council to guide the UNC System as a national model for student learning, as well as community and economic engagement activities and partnerships that embrace UNC's responsibilities as a regionally-engaged university system.

Through deep engagement in identifying, addressing and resolving community challenges, UNC campuses play a critical role in community life, and students, faculty and staff gain practical knowledge that fuels scholarship and further commitment to strengthening our communities and our state. Through the work of this Council, we hope to find new ways to create community partnerships and civic learning through what might be called civic-campus co-engagement, helping us to create a new relationship between “town” and “gown” – what might be called the “communiversity.”


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