The Judith Welch Wegner Shared Governance Fund (and Award)

Judith Welch Wegner served as chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly from 2008-2010. This work capped many years of commitment to the process of shared governance in her work at the UNC School of Law, on the UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Council, and on the UNC Faculty Assembly.

In honor of her career and her desire to promote shared governance, the UNC Faculty Assembly established the Judith Welch Wegner Shared Governance Fund in March 2010 to support the work of the UNC Faculty Assembly.

All contributions should be made payable to UNC General Administration and sent to the attention of Kelley Gregory, UNC General Administration, 910 Raleigh Road, P.O. Box 2688, Chapel Hill, NC  27515-2688.

The rules for operation of the fund are as follows:

  1. All contributions to this fund will be made payable to UNC-GA (University of North Carolina General Administration).
  2. The General Administration employee fulfilling administrative support functions for the Faculty Assembly will be responsible for the receipt, deposit, and acknowledgment of all monies into this fund.
  3. All contributions will be acknowledged to the donor within ten business days of their receipt using the established template. Contributions will also be acknowledged to Judith Welch Wegner (without the amount).
  4. The fund will be administered by the Executive Committee of the UNC Faculty Assembly either for assembly expenses not covered by state funds or for the awarding of the Judith Welch Wegner Shared Governance Award.
    1. In times of budget shortfall or freeze, the fund can be used at the direction of the Executive Committee for expenses related directly to the business of the UNC Faculty Assembly. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee must vote in a recorded resolution to spend funds for a specific purpose. No funds can be spent if the balance of the fund will drop below $1,000 as the result of any expenditure. No more than two expenditures may be charged to the fund in any given fiscal year.
    2. The Judith Welch Wegner Shared Governance Award shall be established to recognize an individual (i.e., faculty member, staff member, administrator, trustee, legislator, etc.) who has made an outstanding contribution to the practice of shared governance in the University of North Carolina.
      1. The Executive Committee will determine if sufficient funds exist to give an award in a given year and the amount of the award.
      2. No award can be given if it will drop the fund below the threshold of $1,000.
      3. The Executive Committee will determine by a majority vote the criteria for the award and what information shall be required to constitute a sufficiently documented nomination.
      4. All of the nomination details will be published no later than September 7 along with an invitation to campuses (and published on the UNC Faculty Assembly website) to submit nominees with a deadline of October 31.
      5. Nominations are not limited.
      6. If, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, an insufficient pool of nominees, or no appropriate nominee, results, the Executive Committee will announce, no later than January 15, that no winner will be awarded in that year.
      7. A winner will be determined prior to the March meeting of the UNC Faculty Assembly and the award will be presented at that time.

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