Business Plan Format

2016 UNC Social Entrepreneurship Conference



The body of the plan must not exceed 3 pages.  This does not include the financials or other appendices, which must not total more than 2 additional pages.  Please format your plan following template and remember to answer all the questions.  If your plan does not address all the points listed below, is not in proper formatting or exceeds the allowed pages, it will be returned to your campus representative and will not be eligible for submission until it is revised accordingly.  


I.      Business Overview

  • Describe your idea and business model:  Who does what with whom and how; who pays for it?
  •  Financial value proposition:  Why is this a great idea from a monetary standpoint, from people investing in the service or product; government or consumers and your NPO/investors?
  • Social or environmental value proposition:  What are the benefits of the activity in question in the community served?
  • Vision:  What is the ultimate objective of your plan?


II.      The Market

  • Customer Identification:  Who’s paying for good or service: e.g. government, foundation, or private customer?
  • Market Size, Analysis and Forecast:  What is the need?  (The need could be charitable need or otherwise).
  • Industry Analysis and Forecast:  Who else is delivering this service already?  Why is there a need for your approach to this challenge?  Is there a call to action on this issue/topic/service in government, foundations, etc.? 
  •  Competitive Advantage:  What makes your organization the best qualified/positioned to deliver the good or service you are proposing? 


III.      Financial Analysis

  • Funding Sources:  Where will the money actually come from for the activity?  What funding already exists or is committed?  How long would it require it to get off the ground?
  • Budget with detailed analysis through Year 3
  • Other analysis, as appropriate (i.e. break-even analysis)
  • Discuss assumptions and capital requirements
  • How will the effort be sustained over time financially?


IV.      Social/Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Based on reasonable assumptions and credible data, how would you evaluate the social impact of your business?