UNC and Entrepreneurship

"Our universities need to emphasize entrepreneurship and leadership across all disciplines both inside and outside the classroom.... The spirit and skills of entrepreneurship should be infused across disciplines, working with businesses and communities."

- Excerpts from BOG Special Committee Report on Community and Economic Development

UNC has always been a seed bed of innovation in our curriculum and in cutting-edge research. Going forward, we know innovation and entrepreneurship will be even more critical to our success in the global economy. Individual campuses are already launching their own initiatives to encourage more entrepreneurial activity on campuses and are connecting to larger initiatives, including those managed by the North Carolina Rural Center and Angel Investor Funds exist in order to allow our campuses the ability to push toward a greater focus on entrepreneurship.

Across our University, campuses are offering majors and minors in entrepreneurship that are focused not only on business but also on social, commercial, and scientific disciplines. Universities are taking a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, seeking to infuse an entrepreneurial culture throughout campus.

The following links provide information about programs and curricula focused specifically around entrepreneurship: