Internal Audit

Welcome to the internal audit site for the University of North Carolina System Office.  Internal audit is dedicated to adding value to the UNC System Office through continuous improvement, risk assessment, and internal control evaluation efforts. We are obligated to maintain high standards of competence, objectivity, confidentiality, and integrity in the performance of our duties and responsibilities.  We are here to serve all departments of the System Office.

Please contact us any time that you…

  • Have a question regarding internal controls, protection of the UNC System's resources, or compliance with policies, rules, regulations or law.
  • Are considering implementing a new business process or making a change to the way you do business and would like us to consult with you regarding the appropriate internal controls that should be built into the process.
  • Plan to engage an external entity for any audit, review, or consulting activity.
  • Are notified by any outside agency of a pending audit or review of your department, business process, or program
  • Are aware of any instances of fraud, waste, or abuse of the UNC System's resources, or you have any other concerns regarding issues which may be detrimental to the UNC System or its reputation. (This information may be submitted anonymously by clicking here.)

Browse our site for more details, and if we can assist you in any way, please contact us. We will work with you to find solutions that strengthen your internal processes and help manage risk. We are here to serve you and value your feedback.

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