The UNC Faculty Assembly

The UNC Faculty Assembly was established in 1972 at the request of then UNC President William Friday. The Assembly serves the President, UNC General Administration, the Board of Governors, the NC General Assembly, and campus faculty and administrative bodies, as a faculty advisory body on system-wide issues. 

In addition to formulating advice and counsel on system issues, Assembly members frquently serve on working groups, policy committees, an personnel committees of General Administration, as well as nominating members of the general faculty to serve on system initiatives as required. 

The Chair of the Assembly, and when present the Chair Elect, attend all Board of Governors public meetings, and serve ex-officio on the Board of Governors' Personnel and Tenure Committee, Education Policy and Planning Committee, and on General Administration's Chief Academic Officers (Provost's) Council. 

The Faculty Assembly meets at least five times, and typically six or more times, each academic year. Below is the meeting schedule for the 2017-2018 academic year. The location for all meetings is the C.D. Spangler Building, Chapel Hill, NC.



BOG Meeting DateFaculty Assembly Meeting Date 
September 7-8, 2017September 15, 2017
November 2-3, 2017October 20, 2017
December 15, 2017November 17, 2017
January 26-26, 2018January 19, 2018
March 22-23, 2018February 23, 2018
May 24-25, 2018April 20, 2018


Faculty Assembly Chairs

The following faculty members have served as Assembly chairs:


1973-1974Henry C. CookeNCSU
1974-1976Henry C. FerrellECU
1976-1977Vincent M. FooteNCSU
1977-1979 (Jan.)1Roy CarrollASU
Feb. - June 1979Helen M. CaldwellECSU
1979-1981Shirley C. BrowningUNCA
1981-1984Alan J. HauserASU
1984-1986James LeRoy SmithECU
 1986-1987 (May)2Betty Jo WelchUNCW
1987-1988Meada GibbNCA&T
1988-1990Fred HinsonWCU
1990-1991Kathleen KowalUNCW
1991-1993Ken WilsonECU
1993-1995William KaneWCU
1995-1997Peter PetschauerASU
1997-1999Laura GasawayUNC-CH
1999-2001Keith HowellUNCG
2001-2003Richard VeitUNCW
2003-2005Jeff PasseUNCC
2005-2008Brenda KillingsworthECU
2008-2010Judith WegnerUNC-CH
2010-2012Sandie GravetASU
2012-2014Catherine RigsbyECU
2014-2016Steve LeonardUNC-CH
2017-Gabriel LugoUNCW
  1. Roy Carroll's term ended when he was appointed Vice President for Planning at UNC General Administration.
  2. Betty Jo Welch died in office.

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