Resources on University Licensing

During its review, the University of North Carolina collected information from a variety of sources including the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, and other service and safety reports. Below is a list of the most helpful resources included in the University's review and discussion.

Presentation from community discussion | Discussion notes
Bangladesh sourcing in the UNC system
Accord and Alliance Comparison
University decisions regarding Bangladesh
Congressional Research Service:Bangladesh Apparel Factory Collapse
University of Washington Bangladesh Safety Report
International Finance Corporation: Transforming Bangladesh's Garment Sector

The Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety
The Accord Agreement

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety
Member Agreement Amendment (April 1, 2014)
Independent Impact Assesment of Safety Trainings 
Statement on the Accord's decision to reject certain Alliance inspection reports


Business as Usual is Not an Option
Prospects for Democratic Reconciliation and Workers Rights in Bangladesh

News Coverage

Attacks on Union Leaders at Azim Factories in Bangladesh Are Documented
The New York Times | December 22, 2014

Alliance sets plan to fund Bangladesh factory upgrades
The Wall Street Journal | December 5, 2014

Tom Ross: Clothing licensing decision in January
The Daily Tarheel | November 6, 2014

Two groups complete inspections of 1,700 Bangladesh garment factories
The New York TImes | Octobet 13, 2014

Battling for a safer Bangladesh
The New York Times | April 21, 2014

Bangladesh T&C under intense safety net: 'Accord' & 'Alliance' to hit heavily 
Textile Today | July 2013

The Number: 10 Cents
The New Yorker | May 16, 2013

Bangladesh fears an exodus of apparel firms
The New York Times | May 2, 2013

University Trademark Licensing: Creating Value Through a “Win-Win” Agreement
World Intellectual Property Organization 


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