Faculty Assembly Members


Delegates must be full-time members of the voting faculty of their home campus. Each of the constituent campuses chooses its Assembly delegation according to procedures established by campus governance bodies.

The size of delegations is proportionate to the number of budgeted full-time faculty positions on a campus; the representation system allows for 2, 3, 4, or 5 member delegations. Assembly Bylaws specify that delegate length of terms be 2 or 3 years, at campuses’ discretion, and require the selection of alternate delegates.

The Faculty Assembly Executive Committee provides representation for each of the delegation size-groupings, and the HMI institutions, and is elected for one-year terms. One delegate each is chosen by caucuses of campuses by delegation size:

  • Five delegate (ECU, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNCC)
  • Four delegate (ASU, NCAT, UNCG, UNCW)
  • Three delegate (FSU, NCCU, UNCP, WCU, WSSU)
  • Two delegate (ECSU, NCSSM, UNCA, UNCSA)

The body as a whole elects two members “at large,” and the Chair of the HMI caucus also serves on the Executive Committee. No institution may have more than three members of the Executive Committee, including the Assembly officers.

Officers of the committee include:

  • Chair (two-year term),
  • Chair-Elect (one year term in that capacity before assuming the two-year term as Chair)
  • Vice Chair (two-year term)
  • Secretary (one-year term)
  • Parliamentarian (appointed for a one-year term by the Chair from among either current or past delegates)

The Assembly also has a staff liaison who provides support at General Administration



Gabriel Lugo

Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington

David Green
Chair -Elect

Professor of Law
North Carolina Central University

Tim Ives
Vice Chair

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
UNC-Chapel Hill


Kimberly Cogdell Grainger

Professor of Law
North Carolina Central University

Ralph Barrett
HMI Caucus Chair

Assistant Professor
Department of Music
North Carolina Central University

Ashton Powell
2 Delegate Caucus

North Carolina School of Science and Math

Kimberly Tran
3 Delegate Caucus

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Fayetteville State University

Jeanne Persuit
4 Delegate Caucus

Associate Professor
Communication Studies
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Fred Parker
5 Delegate Caucus

Department of Agricultural and
Resource Economics
North Carolina State University

Alton Banks
At large Delegate

Department of Chemistry
North Carolina State University

Jim Martin

Department of Chemistry
North Carolina State University



Appalachian State University   
Paul Gates                     Andy Koch
Jim Deni                        Michael Kernodle
Melissa Weddell               

East Carolina University
Andrew Morehead         John Stiller
Mark Taggart                Nancy Winterbauer
James Holloway             Cynthia Deale
Mike Felts                        

Elizabeth City State University
Scott Bradshaw              Hirendranath Banerjee               

Fayetteville State University      
Chet Dilday                    Shirley Chao (At-Large)
Carole Weatherford                      

North Carolina A&T State University       
Tony Graham                 Jerono Rotich
Roland Leak                   Patrick Martin               

North Carolina Central University            
David Green                   Kimberly Cogdell Boies
Ralph Barrett                  Harvey McMurray

North Carolina School of Science and Math        
Ashton Powell                Phillip Rash            

North Carolina State University
James Martin                  Hans Kellner
Jeannette Moore             Alton Banks
Roy Borden                     Paul Williams               

UNC Asheville  
Brian Butler                     Lohar Dohse               

UNC Chapel Hill
Alice Ammerman            Suzanne Gulledge
Charlotte Boettiger          Jim Porto (At-Large              

UNC Charlotte  
Lisa Wlker                       Rosemary Hopcroft
Christine Richardson       Miguel Pando
Becky Roeder                  

UNC Greensboro            
Anne Wallace                  Spoma Jovanovic
John Lepri                       Kathy Crowe

UNC Pembroke
Scott Hicks                     Jose D’Arruda
David Nikkel                     

UNC Wilmington
Steve Meinhold               Stuart Borrett
Candace Thompson        Jeanne M. Persuit              

UNC School of the Arts
Ellen Rosenberg              Sean Sullivan

Western Carolina University
David McCord                 Linda Comer
Damon Sink       

Winston-Salem State University
Ludovic M. Kovalik          Tony Artimisi
Denis Nation      


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