CHAPEL HILL -- The University of North Carolina system will launch the UNC Campus Security Initiative on Tuesday, October 1, beginning a detailed review of safety and security measures across the 17-campus University.  NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson and North Carolina A&T State University Chancellor Harold Martin will co-chair the initiative.

The kick-off session will convene at 1:00 p.m. in the Sunflower Room of the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education in Chapel Hill.  The meeting will feature a keynote address by Abigail Boyer, Assistant Executive Director of Programs, Outreach, and Communications at the Pennsylvania-based Clery Center for Security on Campus.

In announcing plans for the initiative this summer, UNC President Tom Ross observed that concerns about sexual assault and other violent crimes, campus security, and crime reporting are topics of conversation throughout higher education.  “This is an important initiative for us, and we’re taking a very proactive approach,” he said.  “Federal data show that the overall crime rate for UNC campuses is significantly below the statewide crime rate, and suggest that the vast majority of UNC students will not become the victim of a violent crime while enrolled as a student on a UNC campus.  Still, we want to be certain that all of our campuses are appropriately focused on safety and security, and we want to ensure a process for addressing student conduct that works well and is fair to both individual students and to the University community at large.”

Over the next several months, the Campus Security Initiative will bring together administrators, law enforcement personnel, faculty, and students from across the UNC system to explore the complex issues surrounding campus safety, while calling on outside experts and specialists to identify and describe the most promising practices in university security and student conduct. Work groups focused on offenses against persons, campus public safety operations, and security reporting and awareness will examine specific aspects of the University’s security efforts, recommend policies and procedures to improve those efforts, and identify resources needed for improved security.   They will also examine the role of alcohol and drug use in each of these areas.  During this initial session, the work groups will outline the broad challenges around security on college campuses and begin to consider goals for the UNC system’s comprehensive review.

Learn more about initiative on the 2013 Security Initiative webpage.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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