The summary below highlights selected actions taken by the UNC Board of Governors during its September meeting.

For a full account of board proceedings and meeting materials, please check the board meeting archive.

Financial Aid Working Group

The Working Group on Financial Aid/Tuition discussed the current Freeze and Cap policy implemented in August 2014, along with standardization of tuition-funded need-based aid, time limits on receiving aid and tuition surcharge. The Working Group determined no action was needed at this time on the items discussed. The Working Group recommended that several items be referred to BOG standing committees. These items include:

  • Innovative approaches to helping students pay for college will be referred to the Educational Planning, Policies and Programs Committee.
  • The availability of funding sources and investigating the possibility of tying statewide financial aid funding to enrollment growth in future budget requests will be referred to the Budget and Finance and Public Affairs Committees.

The Financial Aid Working Group completed its work at the September meeting and plans to submit a final report to the Board in October.

Governor McCrory visits Western Carolina University

N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory delivered remarks to the UNC Board of Governors on Friday during the formal Board meeting at Western Carolina University. He commended the Board of Governors on the strategic plan, and acknowledged the $3 million appropriation from this session of the General Assembly for targeted research in areas important to the state. Gov. McCrory expressed appreciation for the growing collaboration and partnership between the NC Community College System and the University. He also expressed support for the strategic plan’s degree attainment goal of raising the percentage of college graduates in North Carolina to 32 percent.

Educational Planning, Policies and Programs Annual Report

The annual report highlights the activities of the Educational Planning, Policies and Programs Committee over the past year. The report includes a compilation of new doctoral and degree programs recommended and approved by the Board for establishment over the past year. The report also highlights the discontinuation of degree programs, approved reports and certain other topics discussed by the committee since July 2013.
View the Annual Report.

Policy Discussions

Policy discussions take place on Thursday morning of each Board meeting. Information is typically presented to the Board for discussion. The Board does not vote on information presented, but may determine how best to further the discussion.

University Advancement

In 2012, UNC General Administration and the Office of State Budget and Management performed an efficiency review of University Advancement, recognizing deficiencies in areas including annual giving, return on investment and advancement personnel. The review ultimately set goals for the system’s strategic plan. “Our Time, Our Future” discusses the need to enhance private funding and focus on efficiency in matters related to University Advancement. During this policy discussion presentation, the Board examined action plans in shared services, gift planning and talent and acquisition management. The presentation highlighted plans to increase transparency and accountability, as well as presented funding metrics and progress.
View the presentation on University Advancement.

Campus Centers and Institutes

The Appropriations Act of 2014 suggested that the UNC Board of Governors consider reducing state funds for centers and institutes in order to potentially provide a state match for Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund and/or implement provisions of the UNC Strategic Plan. Centers and institutes are designed to, among other things, enhance the academic mission of the University in research, service and instruction. During this presentation, Board members discussed data relating to formation and discontinuation of centers and institutes. Board members also examined funding and support for UNC centers and institutes.

The Board will be forming a working group to review center data and establish appropriate metrics. UNC Board of Governors member, Jim Holmes, will lead the working group. 
View the presentation on campus centers and institutes.

Friday, September 12, 2014

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