Interested in online learning? Now you can easily search over 300 online degree and certificate programs on the newly redesigned UNC Online website. Unveiled on September 5, the new site helps visitors find online programs, register for online courses, and take proctored exams.

The online program search engine was developed by UNC General Administration in partnership with Ranku, a Seattle-based marketing technology startup that works only with public and nonprofit universities. The new site boasts an expanded search function for candidates considering one of UNC’s 324 online degree and certificate programs. Users can search by degree level, UNC campus or interest. The site also organizes programs by discipline, including business, IT, engineering and education, to name a few.

Matthew Rascoff, vice president of learning technology and innovation at UNC General Administration, said that the goal of the redesign was to make the site more user-centric, streamlined and transparent.

The new design is also functional on tablets and mobile phones (which approximately 25 percent of visitors use to access UNC Online).

The redesigned site inaugurates a new logo and home page that are consistent with the University of North Carolina’s branding and website, which was introduced earlier this year.

It features a new Equivalency Finder to help students identify courses across the UNC system that count for credit on their home campuses.

Other benefits of the site include:

The new UNC Online has 40 new data fields that visitors can use to search and filter. One of the most valuable of these new fields is estimated tuition, now available on UNC Online for the first time.

UNC Online will be among the first universities in the US to offer an option to login via Facebook and LinkedIn. The program search tool uses location and other information from social networks to personalize results. So visitors to the site in western North Carolina will see programs from campuses there listed higher in search results. If a candidate already has an undergraduate degree the algorithm gives higher priority to graduate programs.

A more customized experience for military affiliates, a crucial population for the University of North Carolina.

The site is part of the University’s strategy to raise the percentage of college graduates in North Carolina from 26% to 32% over the next five years (

Mr. Rascoff expects the redesigned site will better serve candidates, students, and campuses, and that it will help “matchmaking” between North Carolinians who are interested in earning an online degree, and the UNC campuses that offer them. “The new UNC Online is a step forward in our efforts to reach new kinds of students and bring them into the University of North Carolina,”Mr. Rascoff said. “Stand by—there is much more work to be done.”

Visit the newly redesigned UNC Online website.

Friday, September 5, 2014