On Tuesday, January 27, the University of North Carolina Board of Governors held an Education Summit to focus on strengthening and improving the preparation of teachers and school leaders for North Carolina's public schools. The special meeting, held at SAS in Cary, also included members of the State Board of Education, legislators and other state officials and educators from across the UNC system. 

More than 200 attendees heard key recommendations from a special Board of Governors Subcommittee on Teacher and School Leader Quality, which over the past year has met with deans of UNC's 15 Schools of Education, faculty, public school personnel administrators, school superintendents, legislators, policymakers and others to better understand improvements that are needed, as well as the complexities and challenges involved. The summit also featured a panel discussion on educator quality and quantity.

The UNC Board of Governors places a premium on teacher and school leader preparation and seeks to advance this priority and fulfill its commitment through the Subcommittee's recommendations.

View the UNC BOG Subcommittee on Teacher and School Leader Quality Recommendations.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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