During the January 2015 meeting of the Board of Governors, the University of North Carolina released the Our Time, Our Future Interim report. The report is a companion document to the University’s strategic plan, Our Time, Our Future: The UNC Compact with North Carolina. Established in 2013, the strategic plan articulates a five-year vision for the University and lays out the strategy by which to achieve it. The plan embodies the University’s commitment as a public institution, to teaching, research and public service and engagement.

Over the past several years, University President, Tom Ross has worked with chancellors, faculty, staff, students, affiliate organizations and UNC Health Care to pursue five core goals set forth in the plan. While faced with significant funding and resource challenges, the University continues to make great progress, positively affecting North Carolinians across the state, all while improving the quality of education it delivers. The Our Time, Our Future Interim report provides selected examples of the progress the University has made and the current status of its important work.


Friday, January 16, 2015

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