W. Louis Bissette, Jr, Chairman of the UNC Board of Governors, today announced 2016-2017 standing committee assignments, including committee officers. Committee chairs will play an important leadership role in the development of a new strategic plan for the 17-campus University of North Carolina system.

The UNC Board of Governorsis responsible for the planning, development, and overall governance of all affairs of the state’s public university system. Its 32 voting members are elected by the NC General Assembly for four-year terms.The board also elects the President, who serves as the UNC system’s chief executive officer and spokesperson, as well as all campus chancellors.

“I’m grateful for Chairman Bissette’s leadership in identifying the skills and expertise of each board member and aligning those talents to the important work of the University,” said UNC President Margaret Spellings. “They will help to ensure we are well positioned to clearly focus on UNC’s major priorities, guided by our five key themes of access, affordability and efficiency, student success, economic impact, and excellent and diverse institutions.”

Board members who will serve as committee chairs for 2016-17 include:

  • Scott Lampe of Davidson, Committee on Budget and Finance;
  • Anna Spangler Nelson of Charlotte,Committee on Educational Planning, Policies and Programs;
  • Henry Hinton of Greenville,Committee on University Governance;
  • Doyle Parrish of Raleigh,Committee on Personnel and Tenure;
  • Walter Davenport of Raleigh,Committee on Audit, Risk Management and Compliance;
  • David Powers of Raleigh,Committee on Public Affairs; and
  • Champ Mitchell of New Bern, Strategic Directions Committee.

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