Centers and Institutes

UNC is home to over 260 centers and institutes. Centers and institutes are formed to strengthen and enrich UNC programs around the core missions of research, service and instruction; to enhance facilitation of faculty, staff and student opportunities; to heighten economic impact in the state; and to reduce duplication within UNC.  Many of these units transcend the boundaries of academic departments, bringing experts from several fields of study together to address complex issues.   For this reason, centers and institutes are important entities in UNC’s work with government and industry partners.  

UNC Regulation 400.5[R] provides guidance to campuses on the establishment, management, and discontinuation of institutional centers and institutes as well as those that involve more than one UNC campus. The regulation is currently undergoing review and revision as part of the UNC Tomorrow process. 

Current listing of UNC Centers and Institutes can be found HERE.

In 2015, the BOG completed a comprehensive review of all UNC Centers and Institutes.  The report can be found below:

Centers and Institutes Report and Recommendations

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