Ethics Compliance



Each campus has one registered legislative liaison.  Liaison personnel are not lobbyists.  The University and its campuses are not principals.



Even though campus liaisons are not lobbyists and the University is not a lobbyist principal, registation and reporting requirements still apply.

  • Liaisons must be registered with the Secretary of State's office.
  • Liaison personnel must file lobbyist reports quarterly under oath.  Reports cover all reportable expenditures made for the purpose of lobbying, including those reimbursed by the University.  Additionally, if expenses are incurred in any month while the General Assembly is in session, a monthly reportable expenditure report must be filed.


Gift Giving

  • Liaisons may not give any gifts to legislators.
  • Do not give athletic tickets to a designated individual (legislator, member of council of state, etc.).
  • Remember, gifts include meals.

Ethics Liasions 

Each campus has an ethics liaison.  Please contact your ethics liaison with any questions.



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