Economic Transformation Council

UNC adds value to the state’s economy and leadership primarily through the graduating classes of each of our seventeen institutions  – more than 40,000 graduates annually who become community leaders and thinkers, productive workers and entrepreneurs.

But UNC also makes a variety of other contributions to the state’s economy. We do economic analysis and participate in and lead boards and commissions. We discover new knowledge, commercialize products, spinout new businesses. We connect campuses to companies and communities, forming bonds between the University, the state and the world that create value in the form of art, technology and science, new products and processes and innovations.

As our global economy creates and destroys jobs at lightning speed, UNC must look for ways to serve as an innovation leader, making the discoveries and growing the discoverers who can lead and shape our state and its economy going forward.  

Charged with making this vision a reality, the UNC Economic Transformation Council consists of members appointed by each UNC chancellor to carry out the campus response to the economic transformation priority. This group meets quarterly in order to share ideas, launch initiatives, quantify accountability metrics, and evaluate progress toward long-term capacity building throughout our state.

Upcoming Meetings:

July 21, 2016

October 20, 2016