Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a Division of UNC General Administration with a straightforward mission: IT will seek and employ every possible improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of information technology for our constituent campuses.  The improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness will be pursued by:

  1. Creating system-wide vendor contracts for IT software, hardware, and services to employ the critical mass of UNC purchasing power to obtain the best possible prices, terms, and conditions.
  2. Encouraging cooperative and collaborative initiatives among its constituent institutions to develop less expensive and/or higher quality IT services than individual institutions could obtain. These collaborative efforts will include the availability of central technical support staff and hosting of IT services.
  3. Extending this cooperative and collaborative environment to all of North Carolina’s educational entities (Community Colleges and the Department of Public Instruction) to offer the citizens of NC the best K-20 education, at the lowest possible cost, with the highest achievable ease of transition between institutions.

The IT Division at UNC General Administration is guided by the following principles when working with both our internal and external clients and consitutent institutions:

  1. We will be above reproach in matters of ethics, legalities, and professional conduct.
  2. IT staff understands that the perception of our service is as important as the actual quality of the service, so we will strive to be courteous and polite in all client contacts. 
  3. In return, IT management will provide the IT staff with a work environment that is collegial and respectful of individual needs.
  4. Our goal is to achieve excellence in everything we do and we will endeavor to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  5. Finally, in matters client preference, IT staff will offer its professional opinion on the best method for delivery of quality services but, if disagreements arise, the bottom line metric is that the end user is always right.

IT is pursuing a system-wide IT strategy to ensure the University makes the best use of technologies for teaching, learning, research and administration. The division recognizes that collaboration among the campuses is the best way to address common interests, and identify ways to complement - not replace - the IT services already provided by constituent institutions.

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UNC-GA IT Organizational Chart

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