NC Community College Transfer

A community college transfer student has either earned an associate degree or taken eligible transfer courses from an NC community college.

Special Considerations for NC Community College Transfer Students

When planning to transfer to a UNC system campus, keep in mind:

  • Some community college students finish an associate degree (AA, AS or AFA) or take eligible community college courses before transferring to a UNC system campus. A completed associate degree is NOT required to transfer, but is highly recommended.
  • Students who earn an associate degree are granted 60-61 credit hours and the status of "junior" if accepted into a UNC system campus.
  • Completion of an associate degree does not guarantee admission to a UNC system campus. See your chosen campus for specific requirements.
  • Many campuses have "pathways" to help make transferring easier. For example, UNC-CH offers a list of community college classes a student could take that may satisfy prerequisites for common majors. These "pathways" are called CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs). See your chosen campus for more information.

How do I transfer to a UNC campus from an NC Community College?

  1. Review the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA), a statewide agreement governing the transfer of credits between NC community colleges and NC public universities. The transfer course list provides NC community college courses eligible for transfer to a UNC campus.
  2. Review individual campus admission requirements.
  3. Choose a CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plan using the links below.
  4. See transfer course equivalencies.
  5. Contact the transfer counselor at the campus of your choice. 
  6. Fill out a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and visit the Financial Aid office on the campus of your choice.
  7. Do you have community college credit, but didn’t complete an associate degree?  Learn more about reverse transfer.

Keep in mind that these are general suggestions. We strongly encourage you to contact a transfer counselor and/or attend a transfer admission events at your chosen campus.


CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans

Baccalaureate Degree Plans provide a pathway for NC community college graduates of Associate’s in Arts an (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) programs.


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